UKbride Member Request 20 Oct 2017

Hi we’re currently looking at options for our wedding we would like to get...

Hi we’re currently looking at options for our wedding we would like to get married abroad but have no idea where to start I am aware that some travel agents do wedding packages but have heard things go wrong could anybody point us in the right direction as to what we need to do where to look and what we need to do this

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 20 Oct 2017

Personally if I were to go abroad I would book a package with a well known provider who is registered with ABTA etc, and make sure you have wedding insurance.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 24 Oct 2017

Depending on were you won't to get married.
We looked into getting married in santorini, went on line and found a wedding planner and she was sorting everything out giving prices everything. Sadley mother in law won't fly so uk itis.

Simone Williams
Simone Williams 29 Oct 2017

I’m getting married in Cyprus. I looked in all the travel agent brochures and found the one I liked aver all of them. Then I looked for wedding planners. I managed to get an actual cost of the wedding and what was included from them as I was unable to do that with the travel agent until I booked. I have now paid off the wedding and just waiting on final numbers. I thought it would be a lot more stressful than it has been. My wedding planner is the best and has made it so easy for us.

Deborah Cooke
Deborah Cooke 30 Oct 2017

Hi we have used American Sky as we are getting wed in New York. There is also Tropical Sky for the carribean etc. Have a look maybe it's what you require. Good luck🍀

Deborah Cooke
Deborah Cooke 30 Oct 2017

Just to add we have a wedding planner and I can speak to their offices in London who then get in touch with her in NY if I have any other questions. It's been really easy to be honest and we have all if the paperwork and a confirmation date 👰


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