Vikky Fishwick
Vikky Fishwick 19 Oct 2017

Pencilled in a date at my venue today!! Feeling excited but worried as I'm...

Pencilled in a date at my venue today!! Feeling excited but worried as I'm starting to get afraid that I wont be able to do what I want to do (in regards to entertainment, catering etc) are venues usually flexible when it comes to stuff like that or not? We've opted for a mid week package as it works out cheaper but theres a lot of stuff in it neither of us want or need. Has this happened to anyone?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 19 Oct 2017

It's important to check exactly what is and what isn't allowed before you sign the contract and pay a deposit. Glad you found your venue. :)

Steph V
Steph V 19 Oct 2017

Also check the corkage because you may not be able to supply your own wine for the tables etc and some venues don't allow any other caterers except their own or recommended. Just check with them.
Some venues do also let you customise your package 🙂
You could always write them an email or phone 😊

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Oct 2017

Hi Make sure you check with the venue exactly what you are able to do before you sign a contract :)

Shannon Zannetti
Shannon Zannetti 19 Oct 2017

I am very fussy and worried about this to but spoke to my venue and they were so accommodating with everything and have given me everything I want in regards to changes in the menu. I would just ask, you don't know until you try:)

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 20 Oct 2017

Speak to your venue and come to an arrangement about what you do need and what you don’t.
I’m sure they’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.
Good luck x x

Sera Rowe
Sera Rowe 21 Oct 2017

We have to have strict catering guidelines as we are having a fusion wedding. We have contacted the caterer for the venue we like and liasing directly with them before booking. Once you pay the deposit you will lose it it you decide it's not for you and doesn't cater for your needs


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