UKbride Member Request 19 Oct 2017

Hi I'm really really struggling with my top table and need some advice....

Hi I'm really really struggling with my top table and need some advice. I was put into care when I was younger and both my biological parents have remarried. Our top table only holds 10 and so far including all parents including in-laws and bridal party we are at 14. I have thought about the idea of a bride and groom table only or just having groomsmen and bridesmaids but this can't happen as my SO wants his mum and dad there, which is totally understandable. Has anyone had this issue and what did you do?

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 19 Oct 2017

I'm just having parents, the bestman and my 2 children on top table. Bridesmaids will sit with their partners on another table.

Lizzy Carter
Lizzy Carter 19 Oct 2017

My bridesmaids won't be sat at the top table, just my MOH. x

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 19 Oct 2017

How about, having best man and bridesmaids on the own table but sat in front of you, and just have your parents on the top table. That way they can sit with there partners-children.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Oct 2017

Hi we are having a top table of bride,groom, bridesmaid and best man :)

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 22 Oct 2017

You could always not have a top table and mix everyone up. We considered doing this as would only have my parents and h2b mum on top table. X


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