Jessica Seabourne
Jessica Seabourne 18 Oct 2017

Has anybody purchased wedding invitations from Chinese wholesale websites...

Has anybody purchased wedding invitations from Chinese wholesale websites like dhgate or aliexpress? If so, was your experience good or bad, and who was the seller you went through?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Oct 2017

Hi I have never heard of them :)

Jessica Waldron
Jessica Waldron 19 Oct 2017

I was also wondering this as the price of invitations has been the one thing that has shocked me more than anything in the planning! (Flowers being close behind..)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 19 Oct 2017

I've also never heard of them. Invitations are not so expensive if you don't have save the dates or the reply cards.

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 20 Oct 2017

Try looking on zazzle website you can personalise them too and there is lots of choice and good quality. I ordered some samples and was impressed :)

Laura Passos
Laura Passos 23 Oct 2017

Never heard of them.

Jessica Seabourne
Jessica Seabourne 28 Oct 2017

Thank you Claire. I will give them a try. :)


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