UKbride Member Request 18 Oct 2017

Who’s having real flowers or artificial?

Who’s having real flowers or artificial?

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 18 Oct 2017

Real flowers for bouquets but mostly artificial flowers at the venue,

Vickie Simpson
Vickie Simpson 18 Oct 2017

Il be having real flowers

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Oct 2017

Hi I am thinking of having either a crystal or silk bouquet :)

Stacey Hutchinson
Stacey Hutchinson 18 Oct 2017

We are having real for most of them but we have had our flower girls made with artificial so they can keep them.

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 18 Oct 2017

Artificial for me x

Jaki Green
Jaki Green 18 Oct 2017

Artificial bouquet and buttonholes.
We’re not really flowery people so that’s all we’ll be having x x

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 18 Oct 2017

real flowers x


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