Maria Antoniadou
Maria Antoniadou 17 Oct 2017

Hi I’m breastfeeding , what do you think is the best choice for a wedding...

Hi I’m breastfeeding , what do you think is the best choice for a wedding dress?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Oct 2017

Hi you will know when you try dresses on:)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 18 Oct 2017

Will you still be breastfeeding when you are getting married? If not then no problem. Otherwise, perhaps look at a skirt/top combination (there are some stunning ones around)

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 24 Oct 2017

Maybe a v-neck dress or a beautful wrap dress so it Easyer to feed if you have a big budget have your standard dress then change into a dress that you will be able to feed in or express for the day.

Aimee Roberts
Aimee Roberts 26 Oct 2017

I wouldn't go for a corset back dress as this could be quite fiddly. Perhaps a v-neck?

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 28 Oct 2017

Be aware that your boobs will go up and down in size whilst you are breastfeeding, so you will need a bit of imagination whilst trying gowns on! Sweetheart necklines will flatter most boobs, but if your breastfeeding on the day may not be overly accessible. V necks with straps would offer support & coverage with accessibility. There is also the option of getting whatever you fall in love with & expressing for the day if accessibility is an issue - depending on baby's feeding preferences, of course!


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