UKbride Member Request 17 Oct 2017

I’m just confirming my make up and hair person. But the h2b is kicking up...

I’m just confirming my make up and hair person. But the h2b is kicking up a stinking saying it’s over priced. For my trial, wedding day, mum and 3 bridesmaid hair and make up to be done is a total of £480. I personally don’t think it’s that bad considering everyone I’ve spoken to says she’s the best around. What’s your opinions?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 17 Oct 2017

Hi it's too pricey for me but if you can afford it :)

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 21 Oct 2017

That's very good, it's costing the same for just me and my sister for our trial and on th day. I have the best person I could find as ommnot taking any risks on the day. Tell him to sssshhhh he knows nothing about the beauty world. To have just my make up
Done for a going out is £100 x

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 22 Oct 2017

Hi I think for 5ppl hair and make up that's a good price. As kate says I've been quoted about £100for makeup. X

Aimee Roberts
Aimee Roberts 26 Oct 2017

That's fairly reasonable as its including hair and makeup for a number of you, ive just been quoted £100 just for my makeup so far, not including anyone else's or hair yet!

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 28 Oct 2017

I think that’s quite fair and normal.

Cynthia Van dillen
Cynthia Van dillen 29 Oct 2017

I personally don't think that is too bad. I am getting married abroad and my hair will be €60.- for trial and on the day but that is because she is my moms hairdresser and they are friends. The cheapest other hairdresser I found was €90.- but mostly they start at €135.- for someone decent. Obviously it is a different country but from what I have seen the prices for most things are pretty similar to British prices.


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