Lizzy Carter
Lizzy Carter 15 Oct 2017

Are any of you ladies going to the National Wedding Shows?

Are any of you ladies going to the National Wedding Shows?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Oct 2017

Hi I am not cannot afford it :)

Lizzy Carter
Lizzy Carter 15 Oct 2017

I am hoping for inspiration but I can see it being a very expensive day out.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 16 Oct 2017

My daughter and I went to Olympia and thoroughly enjoyed it. We managed to get the VIP tickets for £28 each and they were well worth it. The VIP goodie bag was crammed with stuff and you also got a goodie bag just for going. We also got lots of ideas and freebies. The only thing we spent money on when were were there was a glass of champagne and a seafood platter (that was not cheap) but there were cheaper alternatives (I had bought the tickets so she treated me to lunch). The goodie bags had drinks in them so no need to buy any. There were lots of cake samples and competitions. We did buy some new technology hair wand to curl hair but reckon that saved us on having to go to the hairdresser on the day. We got seats at the catwalk too and although I already had my dress it was lovely to see. I would definitely recommend it if you can.

Tina Chase
Tina Chase 16 Oct 2017

I went to Olympia too and it was really good and helpful for ideas. VIP is great because the goody bag has lots in it. But you don't necessarily need to be VIP if you want to just get ideas.

Rebecca watson
Rebecca watson 16 Oct 2017

yes, going to the excel this weekend. I went with my friend a few yrs back and it was amazing

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 23 Oct 2017

It's definitely worth it as they have lots of ideas and inspiration. I went VIP last year and was worth it for the goodie bag alone. Not going VIP this year as I already have my dress etc but looking for jewellery etc. I loved it.


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