Sarah Burnett
Sarah Burnett 15 Oct 2017

How did people ask the people they wanted as bridesmaids if they would do...

How did people ask the people they wanted as bridesmaids if they would do it? I was thinking of getting them a little gift to ask them to be my bridesmaid but im not sue if this is the done thing?

Kerrie Randall
Kerrie Randall 15 Oct 2017

I put a note in a balloon with confetti when I asked my girls.

E Wilson
E Wilson 15 Oct 2017

I gave them a little card with a bracelet attached. Cost me less than £5 each. Just so they have something nice to keep and wear on the day.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Oct 2017

Hi It is up to you I just told my FSIL that we wanted her to be our bridesmaid she was delighted :)

Sarah Portlock
Sarah Portlock 16 Oct 2017

I asked my bridesmaids by using a message in a bottle! Made them myself - which was cost effective and made them that little bit more special!

Bev Soutar
Bev Soutar 16 Oct 2017

I just asked mine but want to get them a gift to ask properly 😊

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 16 Oct 2017

I just asked mine. I will get them a gift to say thank you and give it to them on the day x

Lynne Davidson
Lynne Davidson 16 Oct 2017

I asked my h2b's daughter and she accepted. I got her a bridesmaid bracelet to wear on our wedding day.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 16 Oct 2017

I called mine and asked. Will get her a gift to give her the night before the wedding to say thank you.

Steph V
Steph V 17 Oct 2017

I will be giving them a box (brought from amazon) with things inside, my maid of honour will get a balloon with confetti inside that she has to pop and there will be a little note asking her to be my maid of honour.
This is also going to act as their Christmas present that's why I don't mind spending a bit more.
Hope this helps x


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