UKbride Member Request 13 Oct 2017

how long did you wait before your big day before you went dress shopping?

how long did you wait before your big day before you went dress shopping?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 13 Oct 2017

Hi I have been 3 times to try on dresses but have not decided I have 9 months before my wedding :)

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 13 Oct 2017

I found mine about 18 months before. I didn't intentionally want to buy it so soon but I loved it :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 13 Oct 2017

We are getting married a year to the day he proposed. I had my dress sorted within a few weeks.

Jodie Howard
Jodie Howard 13 Oct 2017

I have about 10 months to go and haven't even been shopping yet!

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 13 Oct 2017

Some dresses can take up to 10 months to be made but you most also take fittings into consideration. I went just over a year before. If you are buying off the peg then it shouldn't really matter so long as you allow time to go shopping more than once in case you don't find the one or need alterations.

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 14 Oct 2017

I found my dress a month after he proposed, was the 5th dress i tried on but the only dress i actually picked, my mum and friend picked the others. X

UKbride Member 14 Oct 2017

9 months

Rebecca watson
Rebecca watson 16 Oct 2017

as I have 3 young children I got mine just over a year and a half before wedding date. wanted to be organised.


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