UKbride Member Request 11 Oct 2017

So today I received a letter from the shop I have bought my dress from...

So today I received a letter from the shop I have bought my dress from saying they are closing down at the end of December this year. I already have my dress and veil, but they said they'd keep my dress there until my wedding next May. My dress should be being altered around March next year, but now they are saying I have to have it done before the end of December. I wanted to loose weight before the wedding and they have offered for me to take the dress and have it altered else where. I just wanted to know where I stand on this? Surely if they have agreed to alter, steam and clean my dress next year they should honour this? Help!!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 11 Oct 2017

I can understand your disappointment but unfortunately I don't believe there is a lot you can do about this. How can they honour something when they are no longer in business? It's a bit like expecting someone who has died to attend a party that they said they would attend. I would suggest the best thing to do is collect your dress and be glad you have not lost it. Alterations can be done elsewhere.

E Wilson
E Wilson 11 Oct 2017

That is a a real shame but if they are closing there really is nothing they can do. I think it is really good they have told you. Lots of places will do the alterations. I would also ask them for recommendations on where to take it.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 11 Oct 2017

Hi If they are closing down then you will have to make other arrangements :)

Sharon McGuire
Sharon McGuire 11 Oct 2017

It's a shame, but if they are no longer in business they they can't actually honour the deal. I think they are being decent by offering to do it in December before they stop trading - so many dodgy businesses out there would just leave you to sort it yourself, or worse still, sell your dress on you and leave you with nothing. Take your dress and make other arrangements - they sound decent, I'd ask them for recommendations.


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