UKbride Member Request 10 Oct 2017

Has anyone successfully haggled their first quote from the venue they have...

Has anyone successfully haggled their first quote from the venue they have chosen? If so what discount have you all managed to get?

E Wilson
E Wilson 10 Oct 2017

Our venue is so reasonable it would be silly. We did however make some changes to the package they are offering. And have made sure the children are the additional guests not adults as this brings the price down.

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 11 Oct 2017

We managed to get our room on the night of the wedding free (~£250) but we werent able to get any more as it is a charity x

Sharon McGuire
Sharon McGuire 11 Oct 2017

We got £700 off the package deal by asking for a personalised quote. We added somethings on to the package and asked for other things to be removed. Then when we got the quote, we politely told them we had a slightly better quote but that we preferred their venue and asked if there was anything they could do to make their quote more attractive and they knocked another £250 off the price.

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 12 Oct 2017

We managed to get £250 knocked off the food, drinks deal was personilised and worked out better for the price. And half price on chivari chairs. I found it easier to haggle via email after the initial meeting. Our very first venue we saw actually offered us £2000 off but it was still way out of budget for what we wanted. X


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