Simone Williams
Simone Williams 7 Oct 2017

Hi Guys, quick question:- i am getting married in cyprus and we are...

Hi Guys, quick question:- i am getting married in cyprus and we are getting everyone all inclusive drinks costing around £45 per head. do you think it's cheeky if we use this as a wedding favour and not have them on the table?

Jennifer Stevenson
Jennifer Stevenson 7 Oct 2017

I think that’s a good idea, a lot of weddings I have been to a lot of the favours get left behind. We’re concidering not giving favours and just having a sweetie table instead 😊

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Oct 2017

Hi I think it is a great idea :)

Hayley Collins
Hayley Collins 7 Oct 2017

Yes definitely! More than generous!

E Wilson
E Wilson 7 Oct 2017

Not cheeky at all. Great idea.

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 7 Oct 2017

Most people don't take there wedding favour home anyway so I think the majority would prefer this idea :)

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson 8 Oct 2017

I think people won't even notice there aren't favours on the table and will appreciate all inclusive drink a lot more too lol!

Simone Williams
Simone Williams 12 Oct 2017

Thanks for all you help ladies

Danielle Helm
Danielle Helm 17 Oct 2017

Not cheeky at all, if anything people will love this more! You could even make a little card to go where the favours would be that says instead of favours you are entitled to all inclusive drinks!


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