UKbride Member Request 7 Oct 2017

I have a problem my fiancee has gone away with work and has broken every...

I have a problem my fiancee has gone away with work and has broken every promise he has made to me about contact. I don't get hardly any messages and only get called before bed. I send pictures and get no reply to them I only get a love u message with no kisses about an hour after a previous message I haven't replied to. He claims he would be working overnight ignore my text to say goodnight then messages saying he was asleep. Am I worrying unnessacary or could he be up to something? Thanks

Samantha Bail
Samantha B 7 Oct 2017

Like he says he may be working. WHat is he doing? Mine has worked away before and would go ages before replying but he would be on fbook which annoyed me. I'd let him know that it is upsetting you and maybe set a time when you can contact each other, like lunchbreaks, finishing work, before bed etc. x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Oct 2017

Hi if you don't trust him them you shouldn't marry him, has he given you any reason not to trust him :)

Lucy Mumberson
Lucy Mumberson 7 Oct 2017

Your marrying this man so you shouldn’t have any worries in your head he is getting up to something as you had trust in your relationship, my h2b went away for a whole weekend and we hardly spoke but I did always say to him just message me when you can etc, like samantha said just have moment when you can speak say if he could ring you for 10 minutes just to catch up. :) x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 9 Oct 2017

Having been a regular business traveller I can tell you that it is often almost impossible to get time to keep in contact. The only time I got was when I got to bed which was usually late. If you don't trust him then you shouldn't be marrying him.


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