Laura Passos
Laura Passos 6 Oct 2017

Hey Ladies my wedding is in May 2019 and we found a place that does a really...

Hey Ladies my wedding is in May 2019 and we found a place that does a really good package at a good price but it's not my ideal place to get married. Do I stay with the place because it's of a good price and contains alot of things or do I spend double for my dream place? The image below is the one that has the good deal.

A member uploaded image

Tracey Fell
Tracey Fell 6 Oct 2017

I think as your only going to do it once you should go with your heart (if you can afford to) but sure either will give you the perfect day :) x

Niki Roberts
Niki Roberts 6 Oct 2017

Keep looking, you still have time on your side. You'll know in your heart when you find the right venue.

Laura Passos
Laura Passos 6 Oct 2017

Thank you ladies, much appricated. Just looking now as we're going a civil ceremony and we've been advised to book a year before so I'm trying to get everything sorted so that it's not so stressful.

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 6 Oct 2017

I would keep looking. The all inclusive package isnt going to go away x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 Oct 2017

Hi keep looking you might find somewhere else that suits your pocket :)

Claire McAspurn
Claire McAspurn 8 Oct 2017

You only get one wedding day (hopefully) so id go for your dream if you can afford it don't settle based on a good package price if the venue isn't what you want. If you can afford your dream let's face it most of us can't keep looking as you might fall in love with somewhere else and be able to get a great deal xx


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