Lauren-Ashley Conway
Lauren-Ashley Conway 4 Oct 2017

I've asked a similar question already but had no responses. I'm really...

I've asked a similar question already but had no responses. I'm really looking for some inspiration. Can anybody assist with how they popped the question to there bridesmaids and maid of honour? Did yoi approach the question over lunch, give a gift box, take them to dinner, asked over text? Thanks a lot

E Wilson
E Wilson 4 Oct 2017

I made them all a little card which I attached a bracelet to. These match my theme and would be nice to wear on the big day. I have two maid of honours, one is a man. I got him a keyring to match the braclets. Etsy is brilliant for inspiration.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 4 Oct 2017

I spoke to mine over the phone.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 4 Oct 2017

Hi I just said ti my FSIL that we wanted her to be bridesmaid she was thrilled:)

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 4 Oct 2017

I had 3 of my bridesmaids a box made which contained a balloon & inside that balloon contained a scroll which had "will you be my bridesmaid" written on it (the had to pop balloon obvs lol). For my maid of honour I had a box made & put things inside that she loves along with a card that contains pictures of us over the years & a little poem that asked her to be my maid of honour. None of it cost a lot & I got the boxes off eBay x

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 4 Oct 2017

I rang them up either on Skype or on the phone and just asked them x

Kate Phillips
Kate Phillips 5 Oct 2017

I sent them a hanger with the date their name and a card x

Claire Ward
Claire Ward 6 Oct 2017

I had 3 boxes made up with bridesmaid glitter glasses (to celebrate) 80's retro sweets a not pad and pen (ideas and note takers and info to keep them and myself right!) card in each box and in one box a puzzle to be made up with the question asking to be bridesmaid in another a balloon to be popped with a scroll inside the balloon and lastly a pack containing reasons why I should have her as a bridesmaid (with gadgets to co-inside with the reasons)

Ceilidh Baird
Ceilidh Baird 6 Oct 2017

I took a photograph of my dogs with a wee sign saying 'we can't be mummy bridesmaids, so will you?' Gave it to her in a frame at a family dinner.

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Sarah Jenkinson
Sarah Jenkinson 6 Oct 2017

I was very boring & asked over text as I don't see mine very often x


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