UKbride Member Request 29 Sep 2017

I'm really stuck with what to do,any help would be appreciated. My Maid of...

I'm really stuck with what to do,any help would be appreciated. My Maid of honour is showing no interest in the wedding at all,she's always letting me down and I've had to practically beg her to come to my hen party and now had to pay for her always asking her to come with me to places but she always has excuses.i ended up asking her to be Maid of honour because I kinda felt I had to,she's a family member but I really wanted to ask my best friend who has been amazing,coming to appointments,helping organise my hen,going through things I ask the maid of honour if she would just be a bridesmaid instead,do I just carry on as I am and not say anything.the Maid of honour does not know that I've asked my best friend to do things with me and I always ask the maid of honour first so I know it's nothing to do with best friend..please help and please only helpful

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 29 Sep 2017

Hi I would tell her she is no longer needed if she is that disinterested :)

Susie Booth
Susie Booth 29 Sep 2017

Sack her..ask your friend and enjoy this experience as you deserve to x

E Wilson
E Wilson 29 Sep 2017

Talk to her. And just ask her if she wants to step down

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 29 Sep 2017

Talk to her. It will be a difficult conversation but perhaps she doesn't actually want to be a MoH at all and doesn't want to say so she might be relieved to step down. I would hate to be asked to be someone's MoH (was a bridesmaid once and it was once too often) and am old enough to refuse but perhaps a younger person feels she can't do that.

Lucy Mumberson
Lucy Mumberson 29 Sep 2017

Just explain to her that you would prefer to her to a regular bridesmaid and your best friend be your MOH, if she doesn’t want to be involved then it’s just going to cause you stress, hope you sort it :)

Amanda Flannery
Amanda Flannery 29 Sep 2017

I would ask her politely if she even wants to be maid of honour; and see how she replies. If she's very nasty i'd go as far as uninviting her to the wedding. It's a once in a lifetime experience, you should be able to enjoy your planning and she isn't the right person to be helping you. Your best friend sounds like she has more respect for you so I would definitely do the swap even if it upset the current maid of honour; at the end of the day it is YOUR DAY and you deserve to be the happy one.

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 2 Oct 2017

I would say . You don't seem too interested in the wedding plans I think it would be best if your just a bridemaid and i find a new maid of honour


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