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Hi Guys, need some advice please, SO when we started the planning for our...

Hi Guys, need some advice please, SO when we started the planning for our wedding and deciding who we wanted in the bridal party, i knew i wanted one of my best friends as my bridesmaid. She got married a year ago, and i went above and beyond my duty to make sure her day was amazing and ran smoothly and arranged her hen night when everyone else gave up! So i asked her a couple of months ago to be bridesmaid for June next year and she was really pleased and excited and said after an unexpected health issue said it was just what she needed! However, since then she and her partner (who is my fiancees best man) have found out they are expecting a baby in April next year! So we politely asked them if they both still wanted to be involved or if one wanted to keep hold of the baby and we were told that they would get parents to have the baby so they could have a day/ night out, so all ok i thought! since then i have tried to arrange things like dresses shoes etc. we dont pick up dresses until mid -april anyway so time for adjustments and she reads my messages and ignores them, if i try and meet up with her to chat there is always an excuse - i don't know what to do! Obviously we are thrilled at their news and have said we have no problem with the baby coming to the wedding, but need to think if they are both in the wedding party logistically who looks after the baby? What would you do?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 28 Sep 2017

Hi I think you both need to talk to them to find out if they still want to be in the wedding party :)

Rachael Louise
Rachael Louise 5 Oct 2017

If I was being ignored by my bridesmaid and it was being done purposely I'd drop them it's your special day and it needs to remain that way if send a message explaining how
You feel if she does the same I'd ask someone else good luck Hun


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