Nicole Mcconville
Nicole Mcconville 27 Sep 2017

What's everyone's dream wedding day ? Mine. Beautiful castle With a...

What's everyone's dream wedding day ? Mine. Beautiful castle With a lovely view where at night the land is lit up from the lights of houses and street lamps that continue on for miles. Everyone's eyes on us as we say our vows but to us. It's only our family in the whole world that matters. A three their cake that is so elegant and clean it's like a statue to special to cut. Everyone dancing and smiling. Like there isn't a care on the world.. I can dream right :) xx

Charlotte Lee
Charlotte Lee 27 Sep 2017

Pretty similar .. castle wedding (tick) at twilight in autumn with fairy lights and views of the country side .. pretty low key .. rustic / steampunk / rock and roll theme... with awesome accommodation (we'll see what the bank says) Haha and luxury honeymoon on an exotic island (again we'll see what the bank says) haha :p

Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson 28 Sep 2017

Sounds amazing 😍😍

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 28 Sep 2017

Lovely warm sunny day . Everything elegant and clean . Lots of dancing . Playing games , lots of alcohol no weird atmosphere

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 28 Sep 2017

Hi I just want everyone to have a good time :)

UKbride Member 29 Sep 2017

a forest of Cedar trees, with hanging fairy lights just before dusk. Chilled atmosphere, and wishing everyone a great time of celebration.

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 2 Oct 2017

My dream was to have a nice wedding with all my family and friends there to enjoy themselves and celebrate with us. I wasn't 100% certain about the venue but now I've found Hilltop I couldn't imagine anywhere else as I love the country side. It's a beautiful house with stunning gardens and a marquee surrounded by countryside. Both myself and H2B love the countryside so it's perfect.


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