Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 23 Sep 2017

ONE WEEK TODAY.....EEEK Everything done that can be but struggling with a...

ONE WEEK TODAY.....EEEK Everything done that can be but struggling with a Thankyou gift for the best man, the H2B just can't decide as we'd rather not have the usual generic bottle of plonk....but what do you get someone who has everything? Hip flask, no. Personalised glass, no. Lighter, no. Photo, no. Any cheap but cheerful suggestions!?

Gemma Lester
Gemma Lester 23 Sep 2017

I know it sounds old fashioned but what about a pocket watch and get it engraved on the back. My friend told me her and her Fiancé were doing it for their best man and I thought how old fashioned, BUT wow it was such a wicked gift and not expensive. Hope this helps. Enjoy this week leading up to your wedding 😊 x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 23 Sep 2017

Hi I agree with Gemma a pocket watch is ideal :)

E Wilson
E Wilson 23 Sep 2017

My h2b is getting his two best men personalised lightsabers... Haha

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 23 Sep 2017

I'm not keen on buying things for people which will just sit and collect dust. I try and get something which makes memories. Is he into cars? Maybe a driving experience? Into music? A ticket for their fave band?

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 24 Sep 2017

If he has everything then why not buy him an experience day for him and your H2B to go on. It'll be nice way for them to make more memories in the future.


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