UKbride Member Request 22 Sep 2017

Hi all. There's a wedding fair near me this Sunday and I really want to go...

Hi all. There's a wedding fair near me this Sunday and I really want to go but my maid of honor isn't able to come with me. So.... Is it OK to take my man instead or will I look like a wally? Cheers

E Wilson
E Wilson 22 Sep 2017

I don't see any problem. It is his wedding as well

Lisa Reynolds
Lisa Reynolds 22 Sep 2017

Of course it is! My fiancé came to 1 wedding fair and refuses to come to any more!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Sep 2017

Hi it is good to take tour other half with you :)

Lou Rowlands
Lou Rowlands 22 Sep 2017

My h2b came with me to the wedding fayre near me an it was a lovely afternoon x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 22 Sep 2017

Lots of people do! Some take their Mums, some like me take their daughters, some take their H2B's and some take male friends or brothers. It's up to you. Just take someone that you think will enjoy it and not someone who will moan about not liking shopping!

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 23 Sep 2017

You can take whoever you want to wedding fairs. Nobody will be judging and it's also nice to share your ideas with family. My granny has been to a wedding fair at my venue with me and I also took her with me to choose my veil but most importantly my shoes. I get my love of shoes from her so it just felt right. Nobody will be judging you.

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 28 Sep 2017

My man comes with me to them all. There are a surprising number of men that go and enjoy it too x


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