Rachel H
Rachel H 22 Sep 2017

So seen a venue we really like. Anyone else have a bit of anxiety about...

So seen a venue we really like. Anyone else have a bit of anxiety about confirming the booking? Wedding in 2019 so big decision but fiance is all for it!

E Wilson
E Wilson 22 Sep 2017

If you both love it go for it. I am a very anxious person but when we found our venue we just knew it was right

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 22 Sep 2017

Hi look at a few more if you are not sure :)

Lucy Mumberson
Lucy Mumberson 22 Sep 2017

When we booked our venue we knew it was the one, if your anxious about the venue maybe check out a few and get a feel for some other ones, or maybe your just getting anxious about the whole wedding prep because I know it can be stressful etc? I was a bit anxious st first because I had no idea where to start and stuff. I Hope you find the perfect place for both of you :)

Emily Vincent
Emily V 22 Sep 2017

If you love it go for it! We booked Jan 15 for Oct 17 - 2 weeks time. Still our perfect venue

Teri Turnbull
Teri Turnbull 23 Sep 2017

My Fiance and I were also apprehensive but you will know if it feel right to you. It could be the first place or the third. If you can envision yourself walking down the aisle then go for it!!

Emma Pashley
Emma Pashley 23 Sep 2017

We went and fell in love with a venue and booked it the week after. I was a little anxious about it too, but after booking and taking out insurance I feel tons better and I'm having fun with planning now :) good luck!

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 23 Sep 2017

If you are anxious about booking then I'd consider looking at a few more venues just to ensure it's the right choice. If it is then at least then you are certain. After booking ensure you pull out wedding insurance as then at least you know you are covered if anything were to go wrong.

Lily Bermingham
Lily Bermingham 26 Sep 2017

go for it! We have just booked for July 2019, amazing how much other stuff is booked up already! x

Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson 26 Sep 2017

Go with your git feeling! If it feels right then go ahead & book it before someone takes your desired date 🙂

Naomi Chappel
Naomi Chappel 28 Sep 2017

We felt nervous because of the price but we loved the venue and would never find a better one so we went for it. It is so exciting once it is booked. x

Rachel H
Rachel H 15 Oct 2017

Thank you for all the comments. Venue all booked plus registrar so excited now. Fiancé still not seen it yet so I guess was feeling the pressure as he wanted me to go ahead and book! Going there today with fiancé, future MIL and step daughters for afternoon tea and big reveal that not only is wedding booked but asking the girls to be bridesmaids and saying this is the venue! Held the secret for a couple of weeks so glad revealing it today! x

Lizzy Carter
Lizzy Carter 15 Oct 2017

I knew I found the one when a few days later I re-looked at the websites of those I had visited and got butterflies at one particular one. I knew then. x


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