UKbride Member Request 21 Sep 2017

How do you "fire" bridesmaids? :-/ i have 5 and my maid of honour and sister...

How do you "fire" bridesmaids? :-/ i have 5 and my maid of honour and sister in law are the only two bothering with anything. I set up a group chat but trying to get them to communicate either in that or privately is a nightmare. I'm getting married in under 4 months time, i still don't have bridesmaid dresses or the sizes i need, they won't answer messages or turn up to the one or two lunches i thought would be nice to set up between us. What makes it worse is apparently they all chat in the hen do chat, which just makes me feel like they're only in it for a night out. Please let me know if I'm over reacting but it's really upsetting me to think they don't care for anything but a drink down the pub :-( what should I do? Grin and bear it?

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 21 Sep 2017

Just say that you need their dress sizes by a specific date and if you don't receive them then they won't have a dress so you'll have to ask them to step down as bridesmaid.

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 21 Sep 2017

Yes I was just going to say something simular to the above post. Give them a deadline :)

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 21 Sep 2017

Hi I would tell them that they are no longer needed :)

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 22 Sep 2017

I agree with Lucy Lewis, tell them you've had a change of heart any will be having a smaller bridal party.

Lou Rowlands
Lou Rowlands 28 Sep 2017

Yeah i would put a message on the hen do chat if sizes are not in by the certain date then your not required anymore as that role an if they ask you why then plainly tell them why your not bothering at all. They ignoring requests so why should you put the effort in if they arent.


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