UKbride Member Request 20 Sep 2017

How is everyone “proposing” to their bridesmaids? I am having 3 and one...

How is everyone “proposing” to their bridesmaids? I am having 3 and one of the girls is younger and doesn’t live local so will have to have something delivered but struggling for ideas!

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 20 Sep 2017

I phoned her.

E Wilson
E Wilson 20 Sep 2017

You can have chocolates delivered that have it written on. Etsy have some lovely things. I have also found that some people are being mildly negative when people ask this question. I think it is lovely to gift or send a little trinket or card as it makes your friends or family feel extra special.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 20 Sep 2017

Hi I just asked :)

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 20 Sep 2017

I just asked too kept it simple :)

Rosie Ingram
Rosie Chadley 20 Sep 2017

I called them over FaceTime, nice and easy :)

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 21 Sep 2017

I had personalised cards made, asking them to be my bridesmaids! Its just a littl touch.


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