UKbride Member Request 20 Sep 2017

Is it okay not to send 'save the date' invites out first? Would rather to...

Is it okay not to send 'save the date' invites out first? Would rather to send the invites out like a year or two in advance when we have the date and venue sorted etc.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 20 Sep 2017

Hi you don't have to send save the dates at all it's an American idea :)

Jemma Gunn
Jemma Gunn 20 Sep 2017

We didn't send save the dates, instead I stuck a magnet in the back of the invite so guests can put them on the fridge

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 20 Sep 2017

I sent save the date cards out last Christmas as a way of announcement for family and friends. And then will be sending invites out in the new year :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 20 Sep 2017

Save the Date cards are a relatively new idea in the UK. We are not sending them although we have told key people the date to put in their diaries.

Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 20 Sep 2017

We are just sending invites a year before so people have plenty of time to plan and we don't have to spend more to send other things out :)

Gaynor Charles
Gaynor Charles 21 Sep 2017

im not bothering...its another faddy idea from the US. sending invites 6 months before too.


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