UKbride Member Request 19 Sep 2017

I'm not wanting pictures of my daughter all over social media when I get...

I'm not wanting pictures of my daughter all over social media when I get married and was wondering how I would put this politely to people, people who know me closely know I don't post pictures myself of her on my own account but there are people coming to the wedding that are my other halfs family and they don't know the reasoning behind why we don't post of her any more, just looking for advice on how to approach this subject with people nicely

E Wilson
E Wilson 19 Sep 2017

Maybe have the best man let people know when they are sitting down perhaps? I've been to a couple of wedding where requests about photos ECT are quickly mentioned

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 19 Sep 2017

Hi just ask politely :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 20 Sep 2017

Have you sent out the invitations yet? It may be that a short note could be placed in with the invitation mentioning that you prefer no social media photos to be posted of your daughter for personal reasons. Then no-one can say they didn't know and any questions can be fielded prior to the day. (The best man could then just say 'A reminder that the B&G would prefer no social media photos posted of child' if you wanted to remind people). Lots of people don't put photos of their children on social media so really no explanation should be necessary. Obviously it depends on the age of your daughter but if she is old enough to understand then it would be nicer for her not to hear this be asked or she may want to know why.

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 21 Sep 2017

Have the officiant ask the guests all together when gathered not to post any pics on social media, and have an instagram account so you can approve any pics you want to post and not post those you would rather people not see.

Natasha Stephen
Natasha Stephen 23 Sep 2017

For facebook you can change your settings for any pictures you get tagged in to not be posted until you have approved. That way you can choose which pictures are posted or not.
For other social media sites it may be harder, but as the others have said above, either get the ushers/best man to tell people or within the invites write a little comment explaining what you would like.


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