Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 19 Sep 2017

My H2B lost his mum two years ago, so on our wedding day we have a place set...

My H2B lost his mum two years ago, so on our wedding day we have a place set for her next to him, on the top table, with her favourite tipple and her framed photograph What I'd like to know is How others have or are marking the absence of a parent or loved one?

E Wilson
E Wilson 19 Sep 2017

I will be wearing locket. Potentially on my bouquet with a picture of my Nan and Grandad in

Chelsey French
Chelsey French 19 Sep 2017

It's a lovely lovely idea- I would just be conscience that having it in such a predominant place at the wedding could turn into a negative and be a very obvious and constant reminder which would be very emotional for H2B. I love the idea of having a reserved chair with a photo for the ceremony front row.. but potentially not for the meal?

Ashley Davies
Ashley Davies 19 Sep 2017

That's so lovely...I wish I had the guts to do something, but I just can't stand the idea of being a blubbering mess at my wedding...I lost my dad 5 years ago and we're goo to have a really casual fun day and try not to get upset! X

Natasha Stephen
Natasha Stephen 23 Sep 2017

I am thinking of having a table at the side, with the photos of them. That way they are there at the wedding and the other guests of the missed ones can also see them.


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