UKbride Member Request 18 Sep 2017

Does anyone have any recommendations for bridesmaid proposals? One of my...

Does anyone have any recommendations for bridesmaid proposals? One of my bridesmaids does not live locally so I am looking to ask via a "balloon in a box" but so many options! If anyone has any feedback I'd really appreciate it :-)

E Wilson
E Wilson 18 Sep 2017

I made mine all cards with brackets that matches my theme. You can get pop up cards now with unicorns and such

Lou Rowlands
Lou Rowlands 18 Sep 2017

I got personalised cards made an delivered to them asking to be my bridedmaids

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Sep 2017

Hi why is everyone making such a fuss about this why can't you just ask :)

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 18 Sep 2017

I agree with Lucy. Surely the best way is to ask face to face (if at a distance then skype or facetime), That way you see their reaction :)

E Wilson
E Wilson 19 Sep 2017

I did ask mine face to face but gave them a little momento. Yhis is also something to wear on the day, one less thing to worry about closer to the time. I have 4 bridesmaids and it cost me less than £15.00.

Helen Williamson
Helen Williamson 23 Sep 2017

I love the idea of bridesmaid proposals :)! have some lovely beidesmaid proposal cards! I'm planning a little gift box with a proposal card, a bath bomb, little bottle of prosecco, some chocolates and a necklace or bracelet for them to wear on the day :) Sounds a lot but it's pretty cheap to do! I plan on giving them face to face but it would depend on how much postage/ delivery would cost for you! The balloon in a box is a lush idea too :)!

Mhairi McKie
Mhairi McKie 23 Sep 2017

I did the balloon in a box for my maid of honour; she loved it.


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