UKbride Member Request 18 Sep 2017

As me and my H2B don't have a lot of money we only did centre pieces, my...

As me and my H2B don't have a lot of money we only did centre pieces, my bouquet and his button hole for our flowers. My grandma today has told me she has ordered herself a button hole from a flower shop near her a few weeks ago (as she is very traditional Roman Catholic she has always had a buttonhole at her children's and grandchildrens weddings). I said to everyone that we would of loved to supply family members with them but simply couldn't afford it. I'm now a little worried that people will get the hump as my grandma will have a flower yet this is not our doing but also don't want to upset my grandma by telling her to cancel her order as she means the world to me.

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 18 Sep 2017

I wouldn't worry about it. So long as you tell people that you are not supplying button holes then they are warned and can either order on as your grandmother has, or as many people do, make their own.

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 18 Sep 2017

Other people's feelings shouldn't really come into it on something so small, it's your day x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 18 Sep 2017

Hi don't worry about it there are bigger things to worry about :)

Joanne Lay-Treen
Joanne Louise Treen 18 Sep 2017

Shes got it for herself part of her outfit. Thy cud do same if thy wish .. i wudnt worry plenty of other things to think about xx

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 18 Sep 2017

I think you are overthinking it. Let her wear her buttonhole. Many people buy them for weddings so you may find she's not the only one.


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