Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 15 Sep 2017

Hi ladies . Im going to give my notice of marriage next week and have a few...

Hi ladies . Im going to give my notice of marriage next week and have a few questions from reading online it says they ask questions about your fathers so they can double check your answers on the wedding day. Me and my h2b both have nothing to do with our biological fathers so how does this work ? Also is it mandatory that our notice of marriage is displayed at the registry office . I am an extremely private person and with problems in my past with family and past partners I don't want my business broadcasted

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 15 Sep 2017

Hi Alys, I also wasn't happy at the thought of my business being broadcast but I think it is only done on a paper copy at the registry office. I tried to track it online and nothing would come up no matter what way I did it so I imagine someone would have to be there physically to see it. As far as double checking at the notice of marriage, H2B and I had to see the registrar separately and there was no problem as we had all the documents about our previous marriages, birth certificates etc. I am sure that is what they mean. The biggest issue I had was when they told me my South African divorce papers did not check their example. A copy had to be sent off to the Central Registry Office but in the event there was no problem and they were very quick. Just take all the documents you have with you and if there is anything missing or they query anything you can supply it later. Good luck and don't panic.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 15 Sep 2017

Hi my Fiance give notice of our marriage to the registrar last week and he wasn't asked anything about his Dad. My Mum told me that it has always been mandatory for wedding notices to be displayed at the registry office :)

Rebecca Radics
Rebecca Radics 16 Sep 2017

Hi. Yes it is mandatory. It's the equivalent of a church marriage where it would be posted on the parish notices. It's paper only in the registry office. You can choose any registry office in the county I believe if that helps. It's not posted online.

Re fathers they asked name and occupation. But can leave blank if you want to.

Cloe Barker
Cloe Barker 16 Sep 2017

I give my notice of marriage this coming week, i have my birth certificate but it doesnt have family history on it, which when i phoned to make the appointment they said i would need it for family history? although he did say if you were born in the same borough as the registry office, they would be able to check it on the system??

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 18 Sep 2017

My notice wa nothing about parents. They asked my H2Bs full name and date of birth, he was asked the same.
The notice is then displayed in the office on a screen. It dies however state full names and address .. hope this helps.


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