UKbride Member Request 14 Sep 2017

Me and my fiancé have budgeted the wedding as if we were paying for it all...

Me and my fiancé have budgeted the wedding as if we were paying for it all ourselves. But both of our parents have said multiple times they will give us money towards the wedding, but neither have given us any yet or said how much they will give us. We have been engaged almost 1 year and the wedding is in just under 1 years’ time..... At the moment our progress for the wedding is slow because we are limited to doing a little bit each month when we get paid, as I say we can afford to do it all on our own but if they are going to give something towards the wedding we would both rather have it now so that we can make some more progress with the planning and reduce stress, rather than save hard and leave some stuff until the last minute because of money. It would be more beneficial if we could put any money they are planning to donate to good use and appreciate it now, rather than pay for it all ourselves and then after the wedding we get a lump sum back from them..... And just to clarify before people reply: We have talked them both through our budget ect so they aren’t waiting on any info before they decide how much to give ect. Neither of our parents are ‘poor’ so it won’t make any different to them if they gave any money now or after the wedding..... Could we ask politely for the money sooner rather than later? Has anyone else been in this situation aswell?

E Wilson
E Wilson 14 Sep 2017

If they have already offered then no harm in asking now. Maybe invite the for dinner and have a wedding catch up

Julianne Heffernan
Julie Heffernan 14 Sep 2017

I would ask, thats what i did. You need to know how much to budget for and if they have already offered then it wont seem rude so dont worry

Alison Jarvis
Alison Jarvis 14 Sep 2017

If they have offered then you should speak your parents and your h2b should speak his and ask them to either put the amounts they want to donate into your bank account directly or if they want to pay a supplier directly. that way you then know where you stand.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 14 Sep 2017

Hi I would ask them how much they are thinking of giving you so you can plan quicker :)

Sinead Donnelly
Sinead Donnelly 16 Sep 2017

Both parents are giving 3000 each I just asked my mum will she ask my dad each time they reach 1000 could they give us it right away to pay money off venue and she went and got it we want the venue paid off in the first year our venue is quite a bit expensive we've paid half off already and I still hv a year and a half til our wedding I like to be a bit organised

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 18 Sep 2017

Hi, rather than ask an amount maybe discuss with your them where you are with your plans and mention them offfering to put towards the wedding and ask if there was something specific they wished to pay for, such as dress or transport. A simple nudge to remind them 😊


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