UKbride Member Request 11 Sep 2017

Does anyone know of any venues in essex or Suffolk that let you bring your...

Does anyone know of any venues in essex or Suffolk that let you bring your own drinks for the whole day and evening? We really want to pay for everyone's drinks and hoping if we bring our own we can make the most of deals to bring the cost down. Thanks :)

Chloe Poppleton
Chloe Poppleton 12 Sep 2017

We looked high and low for somewhere that did this but it's just not something that exists around here! A couple I knew had a very small ceremony and then a larger reception the next day in a non traditional venue (I think a church hall) towards the London end of Essex where they could bring their own alcohol, but if you want somewhere that looks nice and to have the whole day in one venue BYOB there sadly isn't such a thing. Another option we are considering is to marry and have wedding breakfast at one venue then rent a large country house nearby from somewhere like hoseasons and have a 'reception' there with more guests where it would be possible to bring your own alcohol in. There are some with 10 rooms and we are thinking of asking guests to rent one out to lower the costs of the venue and save them some money on a hotel. Either that or rent a field and have a camp out party! It's not exactly what you're looking for but nowadays weddings are such a cash maker for venues that nowhere really allows you not to pay for what would earn them the most on a wedding day (alcohol sales!)

Sally Bowes
Sally Bowes 12 Sep 2017

Hi, look up the Reid Rooms. Apparently you can bring your own drink and they don't charge corcage. It also says they provide unlimited drinks for the reception in their price package. A friend went to a wedding there and said it was really good.

Rachel Waddon
Rachel Waddon 12 Sep 2017

Thank you both so much for the advice, i thought it was a bit of a long shot to find a few options. I will definitely check out the Reid Rooms.


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