UKbride Member Request 11 Sep 2017

Hi I'm in bit of pickle and wondering if anyone can offer some advice about...

Hi I'm in bit of pickle and wondering if anyone can offer some advice about my dress situation. On the 2nd aug. I paid 50% deposit on a wedding dress in a small family run bridal boutique and as soon as I had left the retailer I had second thoughts, but me being me I just thought well it's done now live with it. 24th aug. I found the designer on facebook so I messaged asking if the straps could be made finer (as they seem very broad) she messaged back saying that wouldn't be a problem, I was happy enough to leave it there but and said i had placed my order with a retailer and id go back to them to discuss - but she recognised my name and knew my order/retailer and asked if everything was OK. I told her that the retailer had been fabulous but that I'd had sleepless nights since I had placed the order with them. I love the dress but feel it's not romantic enough she agreed that it is a little plain but had said she'd be happy to help me change it up a bit as she hadn't placed the order yet with the factory but that she would need to place it soon and to keep her posted on any changes. I told her that i felt really bad and i didnt want the retailer to know I had contacted designer behind their back as that may cause bad feeling she assured me it would be fine shed do up the change's and we'd tell them together, and that all they'd all want for me was to be happy with my purchase and feel fab on my special day. She asked for me to send her some ideas over the weekend of what I do like and she'd do some sketches and mock it up for me on a maniquin. This was all done via facebook messenger. I sent her a few pics of what I did like nothing that I don't think would have been too hard to do on my dress. So the problem I have now is that she hasn't been in contact since. I've sent emails to the email address on her facebook business page and via messanger but I've not heard anything.. I've even rang the phone number on her facebook page but I'm not getting answer.. anyone any suggestions where I go from here? I really am not liking the idea of going back to the retailer as I'm worried they'd be really pissed off at me going behind their back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated at this stage.

Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 11 Sep 2017

Hi, I'd recommend talking to the retailer and say you're sorry you didn't go through then but thought it would be easier to go straight to the designer and tell them the situation. I'm sure they'll be willing to help and may have another way of contacting the designer to find out what's going on. Hope you get it sorted :) xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 12 Sep 2017

Hi I would go back to the retailer as soon as possible :)


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