Elizabeth Nelli Moors
Elizabeth Moors 9 Sep 2017

has anyone else had or thinking about a January wedding? its so much cheaper...

has anyone else had or thinking about a January wedding? its so much cheaper so would help me and w2b a lot but its going to be freezing.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 10 Sep 2017

I think a winter wedding is so romantic! This winter is about nights in front of the fire have a cuddle. This is why we are having a winter wedding it's a romantic time of year, if your worried about it being cold you can have fue wraps and a basket with blankets in for your guest and a hot choclate table. 😃. I love winter

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 10 Sep 2017

I was thinking about it but decided on having mine in February as it was the same price as January at my venue. I used to be a wedding coordinator and saw so many brides spend ages looking at weather patterns to try and work out what dates are more likely to have sun and then they got just as bad weather as you get in Jan/Feb. At least this why I can anticipate grey and rainy and if it's a nice day it's a bonus!

Niki Roberts
Niki Roberts 13 Sep 2017

We've chosen to get married in February, it is far more cost effective and I think the cooler weather means you and your guests won't be struggling with layers of clothing in the heat.
Do bear in mind though that flowers cost more in and try not have red flowers if you're getting married around Valentine's Day.


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