Kathryn Deeley
Kathryn Deeley 8 Sep 2017

What's everyone's opinions on DJ verses a Band. I can't decide what to go...

What's everyone's opinions on DJ verses a Band. I can't decide what to go with for my evening reception.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 8 Sep 2017

I'm having a DJ but equally a band is good.

Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell 8 Sep 2017

I always liked the idea of a band, but after looking around they can only play for 2 hours and sometimes give you a dj for the rest of the evening. This persuaded me to go with a dj and do a few party games instead. Just have a look round and if you find a band you really like, go for it :) xx

Chloe Peters
Chloe Peters 8 Sep 2017

We've gone with a band, but we're quite lucky as they also provide a DJ/Disco in-between their sets.

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 8 Sep 2017

I'm having a dj and my sister is having a band it depends what you like . I love Justin bieber I don't want anyone singing his songs except Justin himself

Emily Vincent
Emily V 8 Sep 2017

I have gone for a DJ so they can play to suit all of our guests. with a band you are fixed on their style which you may love but will your guests. Also, will they be playing all night or just for a couple of hours with DJ anyway..

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 8 Sep 2017

I am having both :)

E Wilson
E Wilson 8 Sep 2017

I have my heart set on a really cheesy 90s and 00s disco

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 8 Sep 2017

Hi I don't mind either :)

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 9 Sep 2017

I'm having both x


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