UKbride Member Request 7 Sep 2017

When I went to buy my wedding dress last year just me and my mum went as I...

When I went to buy my wedding dress last year just me and my mum went as I wanted the experience of just me and her and I didn't really know my H2B's family very well yet at the point. I am going for my first fitting at the end of this month and really debating wether to invite H2B's step mum to the fitting to make her more included as my partner is hopeless and hasn't really spoke a lot about the wedding to his family...

Chloe Peters
Chloe Peters 7 Sep 2017

Its absolutely up to you, maybe check that your own mum doesn't mind & take it from there? But if your gut instinct is to invite her, then go for it. This weekend we're all going to a wedding fair, to give our mums a chance to catch up & talk wedding!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Sep 2017

Hi I would just take my Mum and keep the dress as a surprise :)

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 7 Sep 2017

I think it would be a lovely gesture to invite your partner's mum. Make her feel included and special and give your mum to get to know her too. Just run it past your mum first and see how she feels. Enjoy your fitting!

Emily Vincent
Emily V 7 Sep 2017

I wouldn't taken OHs family. I have kept my dress to just my family

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 7 Sep 2017

Keep it as a sunrise, only my mum seen my dress and I'm very close to my mother in law

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 8 Sep 2017

My mum sisters and his mum came dress shopping, my mum and my two girls came to the fitting . I wanted her to feel included but I'm over that as she's just caused a lot of aggravation recently about the wedding wanting everything her way


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