UKbride Member Request 7 Sep 2017

I have a possible loan of 3000 for everything for the wedding from outfit to...

I have a possible loan of 3000 for everything for the wedding from outfit to wedding cake, flowers, venue, catering for approx 100+ . So was wondering how you help?.

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 7 Sep 2017

Hi I don't think you will have enough with 100 I have £7000 and only have 30-40 you will have to rethink your numbers sorry :)

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 7 Sep 2017

We have 50-100 and we are paying 4000, That's DJ, canapés 3 course meal and BBQ in the evening, plus welcome drinks. Look around, book something last min or have a winter wedding. Xxxx

Julie Wicks
Julie Wicks 7 Sep 2017

Everything is possible u dont need to spend a fortune to have a good wedding its ur day not everyone elses x

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 7 Sep 2017

Exactly! Look around, Phone some hotels or different venues and ask for a price, you will do it everything is possible. If people offer to pay for things except there offer it helps loads. Xxx

Julie Wicks
Julie Wicks 7 Sep 2017

I got my local church for 300 that imcludes the registry and everything, good luck to you and shop around there is norhing wrong with having options? Do a wedding board really helps get friends involved xx

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 7 Sep 2017

I have 80 guests and budget is 15000 and gone over that and we are having everything very basic

Cathy Koen
Cathy Koen 7 Sep 2017

There's always ways to save money. Second hand wedding dress or even department stores sell them! Look for a cake maker who works from home rather than a shop. A wedding breakfast takes up alot of the budget so (unless you really wanted one) you could just have an evening buffet? You could do your own flowers? Maybe hire a hall rather than hotel etc for your reception. Weddings don't have to be expensive x

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 7 Sep 2017

We are having a BBQ in the garden for our reception (in July). The caterer is charging 1500 for 70 people supplying sausages, burgers, chicken, lamb steaks, kebabs and 5 salads. Also includes plates, cutlery, condiments etc. That is the most expensive thing for us.

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 7 Sep 2017

Not a chance I could get ours to that. I do think it depends what you want and I've seen loads of wedding programmes and people do it on £1500 and they are lovely. I want a Saturday hotel, may wedding so I have to pay the price for it x

Claire Hellewell
Claire Hellewell 12 Sep 2017

I suppose it depends on what you have in mind for your venue and food and what time of day, you could do a 3pm wedding which leads straight to night doo etc.

Josephine monica Sandanasamy
Josephine monica Sandanasamy 22 Sep 2017

Thank you all for your has opened my eyes..this is the first and only time I'm getting married..bit it's my fiancé's second..he's left the planning up to me as he is happy with registry office and friends having a buffet at the community hall.

I have no real clue bit would prefer a more traditional feel... Church or blessing at least on top of registrar wedding... a cake and bouquet... would like a breakfast for wedding guests but a definitely a evening bbq or's the venue that I'm struggling with as limited to Northampton seen a fully inclusive for 80 guests in Somerset last min awhile ago just need outfits and flowers and cake for 4500 beautiful setting..but my guests and elderly father of 86 well not be able to travel....if not for my dad I would marry abroad...can have it all for 15 guests at 2000...just outfits and guests need to sort flights and book half price Caribbean cake, flowers and music included.


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