Katie Stewart
Katie Stewart 5 Sep 2017

This may sound a bit odd - ever since high school I've wanted to get married...

This may sound a bit odd - ever since high school I've wanted to get married in my old school chapel. But I recently found out that my ex girlfriend just got married there, and it feels a bit spoiled somehow? Neither my h2b or any of the guests we want to invite ever met my ex, as I didn't keep in touch after school. Am I being silly? It just feels like she got there first. Thanksfor any responses.

Noreen McHugh
Noreen McHugh 6 Sep 2017

I personally think if that is the place you dreamed about then go for it , so what if a ex girlfriend got married there, when you think about it so have a hundred other brides.lol. your wedding will be unique to you ,I wouldn't let it stop me picking the place I want , On the day when you look around and see the people you love I bet you won't even give this person a second thought !xxx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 6 Sep 2017

Hi do what you think is best :)

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 6 Sep 2017

Your not being silly , your marrying the love of your life look forward marry there or change to another church x

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 6 Sep 2017

I don't think it's silly to feel a bit put out, but I'd still do it anyway! There have probably been lots of people from your school who got married there, I wouldn't let it spoil it for me. However, if it's going to fact your ability to enjoy the day then might be worth looking for somewhere else


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