Lorraine Tantwala
Lorraine Tantwala 4 Sep 2017

I need help to prepare a wedding seating plan

I need help to prepare a wedding seating plan

Stephanie Wood
Stephanie Wood 4 Sep 2017

Write a list of everyone attending then write each name on a stick note and draw circles or rectangles depending on the type of tables you are having. You can then place sticky notes with each name on at a table. If you want to then move someone to a different table you can easily do it as the name is on a sticky note. Just keep going until eventually you get it right. I used to organise events and table plans can be a right pain to make. I'm not looking forward to doing mine.

Cherie Smith
Cherie Smith 5 Sep 2017

I'd say only that if anyone has a slight quibble with anyone sit them at opposite ends of the room as alcohol only fuels issues at weddings. On an equal keel it's nice to mix it up with families. I've made some great friends through being put on random tables x


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