Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez 3 Sep 2017

What is a good budget for a wedding? I was thinking 15 grand but the more...

What is a good budget for a wedding? I was thinking 15 grand but the more things I want to do, I think it would be over. I'm choosing a venue that has a package included. So hopefully that will save me some money for entertainment and food. Why do weddings cost so much ???? Thanks in advance.

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 3 Sep 2017

It really depends what you want, a wedding can be done on as little as 1k or an unlimited amount. Think about what you can realistically afford to spend and budget accordingly - in particular, think about what the top 3 things are for you and where you can cut money if needed. For example, for us it was the venue, the dress and the photographer. We've cut money from the transport, invitations and decorations to keep us in budget because we care less about that. I think the average spend on a wedding in the U.K. Is about £25k including the honeymoon, but it's all so influenced by personal taste and location that it's impossible to say really...! We are spending about 25-30k including honeymoon, but we're based in London where everything costs more if that helps?

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 3 Sep 2017

Budget is down to personal preference, when the venue is an inclusive package your budget is pretty sorted. My package included everything even flower arrangements and DJ.
I then utilised my budget by finding as many bargains an doing a lot of handmade things to cut cost. Like my own flowers, orders of service, menus, table plan and name cards.
Hard work researching but so worth it ....good luck

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 3 Sep 2017

Hi the budget is how much you can afford not as some seem to think outdoing others, good luck sticking to your budget I have managed it so far :)

Emma Bonnar
Emma Bonnar 5 Sep 2017

We have a 7 grand budget. We are cutting costs by getting married later in the day, so then we're only feeding the guests once and afterall we all just want a party really. I'm making my own invites and centre pieces. I did go over initial budget on my dress by 200 but it was The One!

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 5 Sep 2017

My budget was 15000 now its more like 18000 just allow for wiggle room as it's just a budget I started last October with a 10000 budget as I was rather optimistic about how much things were and I forgot loads of little things out of it like rings , registrar costs , alterations , gifts etc


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