UKbride Member Request 2 Sep 2017

Hi all, I was just wondering if you had any ideas on menu options. We have a...

Hi all, I was just wondering if you had any ideas on menu options. We have a choice of three to offer our guests, we have already choosen two options but am now having to choose a third, this has to be a vegetarian and a gluten free option! (We have a guest who is GF and a vegetarian as well as two other vegetarians). We are struggling to find an option thats not salad or veg!! Thank you for your help!! xx

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 2 Sep 2017

Hi I suffer from wheat and gluten allergy we are changing our menu. Now we are going to have fish/chicken/ham and chips /baked potato, pasta/rice. Then an Indian selection during the evening.

E Wilson
E Wilson 2 Sep 2017

Something with cheese for the vegetarians

Anne Jones
Anne Jones 2 Sep 2017

Thank you for the advice! I cant use fish as one of the vegetarians don't eat it! its so hard to choose!!

Eloise Ansell
Eloise Ansell 3 Sep 2017

I had a friend who got married and she was a veggie and she had jacket potatoes, and corn on the cobs as well as other salad options and different breads.

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 3 Sep 2017

For our veggie/GF/dairy free option (we one vegan and a lactose intolerant person) we're having ratatouille, but a lot of stuff can be made GF of you swap any pasta for potatoes/rice. I know you said you're struggling to find something that's not veg for the vegetarians - what about a vegetarian chilli using quorn/soya mince? Or something cheese based, like a goats cheese tart with a gluten free pastry if it can be accommodated?


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