Dianne Few
Dianne Few 2 Sep 2017

Last weekend I took two of my four bridesmaids dress shopping. I had...

Last weekend I took two of my four bridesmaids dress shopping. I had originally fallen for a long navy blue dress for the bridesmaids but when I went to place orders I discovered that the dress is no longer available in never blue (and all the accessories had been bought to go with navy blue). We had a great day out and managed to find something that fits and suits all four girls, which , given the age range is from 19 to 36 and sizes from 4 to 16 was no mean feat. So I am feeling very happy and much less stressed. The next task on the list is to start making up the fold flat crackers which I am using for the favour boxes and tie ribbons on one end. As the wedding isn't until next May I won't put the sweets into the boxes until nearer that time. Feeling pretty chilled at the moment though

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 2 Sep 2017

Sounds like you've got things in hand :-) it's so good to get stuff done ahead of time to decrease stress!

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 2 Sep 2017

Hi you are better organised than me :)

Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 5 Sep 2017

Excellent. Glad you managed to get dresses. x


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