UKbride Member Request 2 Sep 2017

Hey I've bought my dress but it's one I've seen many people use as prom...

Hey I've bought my dress but it's one I've seen many people use as prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I love it for many reasons but mainly because it cost about 50 pounds. It's a tea length dress and so me because I'd feel uncomfortable in a big dress or something too fancy. My question is how do I stop guests wearing the same dress as me or wearing something fancier than me on our wedding day?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 2 Sep 2017

Hi I am afraid that is quite impossible you can't tell everyone what to wear :)

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 2 Sep 2017

You could always put on the dress code that you're going for a more relaxed vibe to stop people dressing fancier than you? I'm not sure you could prevent people wearing the same dress though!

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 3 Sep 2017

I'm really not sure on this? Is it a really popular dress? X

Zoe Smith
Zoe Smith 3 Sep 2017

Very difficult as you would have to indicate what dress you was wearing to prevent them wearing the same

Amanda Cosgrove
Amanda Cosgrove 6 Sep 2017

Ask guests to wear maxi dresses with no bling on , or just plain dresses x


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