UKbride Member Request 1 Sep 2017

hi there! does anyone have any tips in regards to making your own wedding...

hi there! does anyone have any tips in regards to making your own wedding buffet? catering isn't an option as our venue doesn't provide it (it's an old barn-type place), and our budget doesn't allow spending thousands on a catering company. including evening guests, our party is around 75 people, us included. any tips would be most appreciated. tia! xxxx

E Wilson
E Wilson 1 Sep 2017

Maybe look at Marks and Spencers they deliver everything prepared

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 1 Sep 2017

Hi To be honest personally I wouldn't attempt it good luck with everything :)

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 1 Sep 2017

Make it fun and ask people to bring a platter or pudding to the table so you all share?

Debbie Allinson
Debbie Allinson 1 Sep 2017

I've recently been to wedding that did a bake off table, people brought both homemade and shop bought desserts. Other than that you could ask friends to help you make curries/chilliest/ lasagne or anything that could be made easily in bulk.

Mandy Turner
Mandy Turner 5 Sep 2017

Hi I am a cater myself Mobile and buffets when I do Basic buffets for weddings I can be starting at 6 I'm working right through till it has to be delivered early evening as you want it to all be fresh so my advice to you do you not do it yourself It would definitely cause too much stress have you thought about getting a burger Waggon or fish and chip unit something along that lines? If you go for someone what is not that big and just starting out they would be a lot cheeper


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