UKbride Member Request 1 Sep 2017

Guys, I need your honest opinions! We get married at 3pm on our wedding day...

Guys, I need your honest opinions! We get married at 3pm on our wedding day and the reception which is at a different venue about 15minutes drive away doesn't allow functions to start til about 6pm. We are having a Hog Roast on the evening but i'm thinking of booking a few tables at the local pub for my ceremony guests to join us for an informal meal and drinks until the party is due to start. Is it bad to set a price limit on their meals? or even ask them to fund their own? we're on a really limited budget and trying to do everything on the cheap but my other half won't budge on inviting absolutely all of his family to the ceremony when i'm only inviting 8 people! Thanks In Advance!

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 1 Sep 2017

I think that sounds fine! You could always speak to the pub and see if they could do you a deal - they might be able to work out a set menu and give you a price or head, so that people can't go over the cost. It may help the pub plan too!

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 1 Sep 2017

As you are having a later ceremony and are providing food in the evening I would look for a pub with a function room you can hire for free or that will reserve a section for you and provide a few bowls of bar snacks. Your guests will have had lunch before the ceremony after all.


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