Amber Worth
Amber Worth 31 Aug 2017

Hi I was just wondering if anybody had done there own DIY sweet cart type...

Hi I was just wondering if anybody had done there own DIY sweet cart type thing? I have seen a few self build carts on eBay but I'm not sure how good they would be, so I'm looking for any other ideas for how to do this? Ideally i didn't just want to put sweets on a table but not sure what else to do? Thanks in advance xx

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 31 Aug 2017

were just getting some nice jars putting on table with some decoration and sign up so it doesn't look too plain x

Lorraine Evans
Lorraine Evans 31 Aug 2017

Why not look on Pinterest lm doing sweet suitcases instead of cart , lots of ideals , just depends on what you like x

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 31 Aug 2017

My friend did sweet jars for a christening recently in blue and they went down great, I'm sure you could do same in your colours xx

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 1 Sep 2017

I agree about having a look on Pinterest, I've seen some fab ideas on there for how to decorate the sweet station to make it look prettier!

Kathryn Deeley
Kathryn Deeley 2 Sep 2017

I did my own candy buffet last year for my 30th. I'm going to use everything again for my wedding next year.
I displayed it all on a table and it looked fine.
I bought the jars off of eBay. I managed to find some for a reasonable price and I decorated them with labels and ribbon. I even used some jam jars and sprayed them and got popcorn cartoons and pretty paper bags to go with.

Im going to re use everything and change the colours up when I know what I'm doing for my wedding.
It's a million times cheaper Than brig someone.

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