UKbride Member Request 31 Aug 2017

Anyone else panicking that the people you want to invite including family...

Anyone else panicking that the people you want to invite including family might not even come... ????

Susan Coleclough
Susan Coleclough 31 Aug 2017

I'm beginning to hope they don't.

Emily Vincent
Emily V 31 Aug 2017

There's only so much you can do. If people don't come then that is their choice ultimately. My dad was insistent we invited his sister, my aunt. and in the end she has decided not to come. Hes upset but it is her choice and at least we extended the invite. Why not send STDs so that they can plan for the date in advance

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 31 Aug 2017

no if they decide not to come its there loss at the end of the day unless they have a genuine reason not too

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 1 Sep 2017

I had a minor moment of panic when we were choosing the venue and the date, but then my fiancé reminded me that at the end of the day it's about us, not about accommodating others. If they choose not to come then that's their loss :-)

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 1 Sep 2017

I'm kinda hoping a few don't come lol but I've pretty much seen most of my family since I sent my save the dates out and no one has said they can't make it yet.

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 3 Sep 2017

Yes, I've over invited for the evening, and catered for 30 less. It's the day invites I panicked about. Firstly due to money, at the price per head. I told my H2B I'll bill anyone who doesn't turn up 😂

Cloe Barker
Cloe Barker 3 Sep 2017

Ive got a table of 10 that i only want 3 there, it makes arguments when you don't invite certain people, especially when the other 7 i haven't see for over 10years !!!
Keeping my dads life easy by having them there.

Jessica Bateman
Jessica Bateman 8 Sep 2017

Yes! Only because we are paying a lot per head! I people won't to miss out on our big day then let them carry on. The most important people are you and your new husband tobe


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