Annie Lawrence-Guy
Annie Lawrence-Guy 31 Aug 2017

What're thoughts on 'Save the Date" cards? They seem a cute addition but are...

What're thoughts on 'Save the Date" cards? They seem a cute addition but are they not just an added expense? I'm marrying an accountant... he's counting every penny!!

Rhian Priest-Dibben
Rhian Priest-Dibben 31 Aug 2017

I'm having those thoughts myself, seems like a luxury to spend a lot on when invites will come a few months later, i've seen some decent priced ones on Ebay x

E Wilson
E Wilson 31 Aug 2017

You can make them yourself and print the off. I made ours as a word document. I could fit 2 on a page. Cost me less than £5 to make 40

Sam leigh Evans
Sam leigh Evans 31 Aug 2017

we aren't bothering with save the dates. we plan on sending our invites out a little bit earlier to compensate! we are having a fairly intimate wedding of around 75 guests, so it may differ, but a majority know our planned date anyway! X

Laura Lindsley
Laura Lindsley 31 Aug 2017

think there a nice idea if the price is right you can get some cheap ones rather then waste cost x

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 31 Aug 2017

Hi I don't think they're needed but my Fiance wants to send them :)

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 31 Aug 2017

We're having cheap ones, mostly because we have a lot of friends who are recently engaged (meaning lots of weddings for people to keep track of!) and because we have quite a few family and friends who will be coming from overseas. But also, we haven't got a clue what our final guest list is, meaning we probably won't be sending invites until about 6months before the wedding, so save the dates to those we definitely know we want to invite means they get enough warning!

Emma Raisborough
Emma Raisborough 1 Sep 2017

I think it depends on your situation. I personally did send out save the dates as I wanted my family to keep the date free, I also wanted them so my guests would be able to plan since my wedding is on a Sunday. They don't have to be expensive, I brought 50 save the date magnets on eBay for £16. You could also make them yourself to save on costs

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 1 Sep 2017

My cousin did her save the dates as a Facebook event. As a result they were free, and couldn't get lost!

Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Edwards 2 Sep 2017

I've done save the dates, as I've got family coming across from overseas, so they need time to organise. I designed my own and had them printed with vistaprint. I did mine as postcard sized fridge magnets, with pictures of me and my fiancé and a picture of us and our 2 kids and a picture of the kids by themselves. My thinking was that a fridge magnet with my kids on it, and people would love to have it on their fridge, plus it hopefully means they won't forget the date with it being in sight frequently! The printing was fairly cheap, 50 magnets for £30-ish but because the magnets are heavier than paper or card, it got a bit pricey for postage, but I was happy to do it, because the end product was amazing. I've already priced my invites, and I'm DIYing those as well, so will be spending less than most do on just invites, but getting both save the dates and invites.

Kathryn Deeley
Kathryn Deeley 2 Sep 2017

As a wedding stationery supplier I tell all my customers to save there money! And go for sending out their invites earlier to remove the added save the date cost.

If your getting married on a school holiday, bank holiday, mid week then save the dates are a good idea, otherwise save your money! I actually find guests are confused by them.

I did send out save the dates last week as my wedding is on a Friday and on a bank holiday weekend, I added accommodation details to the back as it's booking up so fast.

Louise Rowlands
Louise Rowlands 2 Sep 2017

I have made my own customised an printed 36 off more personal x

Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 4 Sep 2017

I wouldn't bother. Just another expense. I'll just give enough notice with my invites x

Vicki Allen
Vicki Allen 6 Sep 2017

I don't think you really need them, defo added expense. Those close to you will surely know what date your are getting married. Also, we might change our mind to who is actually invited to the day. x

Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 6 Sep 2017

We're not sending save the dates, the actual cards we can get for quite cheap, but its the postage. I can use that money and have nicer invites. Most people know when we're getting married anyway. But we will send out the invites a little earlier to make up for it.


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