Diana Popescu
Diana Popescu 31 Aug 2017

What is everybody doing with their dress after the wedding? I am very...

What is everybody doing with their dress after the wedding? I am very attached to mine so I'm considering having it cut to a tea length and maybe dyed?

Lucy Lewis
Lucy Lewis 31 Aug 2017

Hi I am definitely going to keep mine but haven't thought how to do with it it will depend on what style I get :)

Nicola Jones
Nicola Jones 31 Aug 2017

Mine has a coloured corset so having the skirt and corset seperated so I can wear the corset with a black skirt to go out on our first anniversary and other special occassions. The skirt part will be stored in a proper box for future use - I have 4 daughters!! They may use it as a skirt or make the top tulle layer into a veil etc.

Emma Gibson
Emma Gibson 31 Aug 2017

I plan to keep mine x

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 1 Sep 2017

I'm undecided - I think I'm keeping it, but I may have it turned into gowns if I have children for their christenings. I also recently read a story about a bride who cracks hers out every anniversary and wears it to do mental stuff like playing golf which sounded fun haha!

Zoe Atkins
Zoe Atkins 1 Sep 2017

No idea - but I've seen some cute teddy bears made out of wedding dresses as a keepsake!

Danniella Castle
Danniella Castle 4 Sep 2017

Keeping mine! Could be used for my daughter or even made into little outfits for future grand babies ha. Planning waaay ahead there x


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