UKbride Member Request 29 Aug 2017

Flowers question- how much did you spend/ are you spending? I need bouquets...

Flowers question- how much did you spend/ are you spending? I need bouquets and buttonholes, possibly some little bunches for ends of rows, but not much more than that. I have no idea what to budget!

Lisa Keenan
Lisa Keenan 29 Aug 2017

Mine are costing a fortune. I originally budgeted £500 but it's just over £1000, however that's for my bouquet, 6 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 flower girl posies, buttonholes for 6 groomsmen, groom, FOB and FOG, plus floral centrepieces for 10 tables and the top table, and some decorations for the venue. the centrepieces are the big one and are costing about £500!

Laura Brennan
Laura Brennan 30 Aug 2017

I've been quoted. £950 for 8 BH, 5 BM, 3 WRISTLETS, 2 FG WANDS, FLOWERS FOR HAIR, 1 ALTER ARRANGEMENT WHICH GETS USED ON TOP TABLE AFTER, 6 FLOWER RINGS FOR TABLE CENTRES, CHAIR SASHES. It was more than what I thought but it depends on what you want and what flowers. Everything I've chosen is mid range in cost apparently.

Emily Vincent
Emily V 30 Aug 2017

Mine is 170 for my bouquet (£65), 1 bridesmaid bouquet (35), 1 double button hole (4.5), 4 button holes (3.50), 2 corsages (8) and top table piece (30). I just went to my local florist and not a wedding florist :)

Emma Nelson-Bailey
Emma Nelson-Bailey 31 Aug 2017

1 bridal tear drop, 3 BM, 1 groom double BH, 3 single BH, 2 wrist corsages, 8 table centres, candy cart with sweets and hire of postbox. £510. not the cheapest, but she came recommended by a couple of people. All flowers are in season, as this keeps the cost lower.

Tammy Kelly
Tammy Kelly 2 Sep 2017

i'm using foam flowers so i can keep my bouquet.. i've ordered them from ebay and they are AMAZING quality and absolutely gorgeous. i've got 5 bouquets including my own - 7button holes, my top table flowers - 3 flower girl wands & 3 flower girl headbands for £179

Louise Rayner
Louise Rayner 3 Sep 2017

I was having foam like Tammy...but I missed the order date for my wedding. So we are making our own handties.
My bouquet, 8 bridesmaid/flowergirls, 6 button holes and 2 corsages will be around 100 for the gypsiphilea we then just tie them with a little help from my friend whose basic trained in floristry.

Alys Brierley
Alys Brierley 4 Sep 2017

Mine where 641 pounds for 7 button holes , 4 bridesmaid bouquets 1 bridal bouquet 2 flower baskets and 11 centrepieces


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